Ethical Hacking

Date: Tuesday, 19. June 2018 09:30 until Tuesday, 19. June 2018 16:30
Room: HeartBleed
Language: FR
Service Details:
    Target audience: For all
    Duration: 1 day
    Level: none
    Price: 350 € (per person)
         (all prices are understood VAT excluded)

Training info

Discover the other side of the scenery by putting yourself in the shoes of an “ethical hacker”.


  • Understand how hackers can use the vulnerabilities of our infrastructure and information systems to achieve their goals.


  1. Introduction
    • The basics of ethical hacking
    • Objectives, practices and rules
    • The strategies of the ethical hacker
  2. The preparatory phase
    • Prepare an attack
    • Hacker tools and techniques
  3. The enforceable phases
    • Recognition: Finding a victim and detecting vulnerabilities
    • Intrusion: Successfully enter the victim’s computer
    • Operation: divert a system or retrieve data
  4. Finalisation: remove the traces
  5. The terminal phase
    • Exploit the product of the attack
  6. Reminder to the law

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